My Design Want

My Design Want

This week I am coveting decorative boxes. I was in C. Wonder the other day and they had some really nice ones that can be stacked as part of a design tableau. I can picture variations of these on my coffee table, topped off with a candle or a single flower in a shallow glass vase. What types of decorative objects do you have/want in your space?


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My Design Want

This week I thought I’d move into the living room and talk about built-in shelving. I love the look of these. They make a bold statement and don’t take up additional room like standing bookshelves.

I think built-ins can help give character to a room and I hope to have these in our future home (in some capacity). These are some of my favorite examples of built-ins:

Do you like the look of built-ins?

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My Design Want

I’ve decided to start a new feature on the blog called My Design Want. I am constantly doing something (however small it may be) to evolve the design of our home. I like to add new decor items, books, pillows, etc. that instantly change the space. We are currently in the midst of revamping one room and I will be doing a series of posts about it down the road.

As for now, I’d like to begin this weekly feature in the bedroom (how risque)! Today’s design want is a new headboard. We currently have a queen-sized bed. But when we eventually move into a house, I would like to get a king-sized bed. So that means new furniture! These headboards would make the perfect addition to our new space (wherever that may be!)

What’s on your Design Want list this week?

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