Back to School

If you’re anything like me, back-to-school time makes you a bit giddy. It’s not because the kids are going back to school (well, maybe a little) but it’s the feeling that you can have a fresh start, an organizational overhaul and get back into a routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve LOVED having the husband home all summer – it’s been a ton of fun. But I’m also looking forward to getting back into the swing of preschool, dance class, play dates and the like. And on a personal level, I’m looking forward to doing more writing work and organizing myself better.

Here are some of my must-have items for creating a personal office space that’s both functional and a little bit fancy. Sound familiar? 😉


Pineapple pencil holder, Moleskine notebooks, File folders, Wall calendar, Coffee mug, Desk lamp, Storage boxes, Sticky notes

What are some of your back-to-school must-haves?


Modern and Chic

I’ve been working on ideas for the nursery, and my vision is something that I feel is both modern and shabby-chic at the same time. Is that even possible? I think so!

Here are some of the pieces I believe could work, mixed in with some items I already plan on using in the space. You’ll find out what I’ve actually used once I do the big reveal! But trust me, that won’t happen for a while as the room is still being used as a holding ground for baby clothes, diapers, guitars, books, you name it!

Via EightLotsRoad on Etsy

This gilded mirror is perfect for a wall collage


Via Seal Design Studio on Etsy

 A dreamy night in Paris


Via Miss Muffet’s Tuffets on Etsy

The perfect fabric



Modern yet glam


Kate Spade Elephant bank

Cute yet clean and simple

Via Olive and Garland on Etsy

Love the subtle geometric feel

via C. Wonder

These monogram plates are very retro chic

What do you think?