Looking Ahead

2016 was a very good year – it was the year we had a son, became a family of four and actually survived to tell the tale! We even took a week-long vacation which was great. I had some fears about handling two kids but so far they’ve all been pretty unfounded!
I’m really looking forward to the new year – watching my kids learn new things each day is so exciting. But of course, I’m also looking forward to making strides for myself too. This year I would like to focus more on wellness through eating right, exercising, clearing my mind daily and also coming up with a better skincare routine.

I know it’s easier to say these things than to actually do them but I am really going to make a conscious effort this year because if not now, when? Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017. Hoping the new year brings you joy and peace. Just remember while you’re doing so much for others, to take a little time to do something special for yourself too.


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Shop Spotlight: Domestic Dry Goods Co.

Last week I finally stopped in to check out Domestic Dry Goods Co., a home decor and lifestyle shop located in Rye, NY. I’ve been wanting to visit for a while after seeing it featured in Westchester Magazine and it didn’t disappoint.

The shop features everything from home decor items, speciality foods, skin care and kids items. The products are well-priced and everything is made in the USA – many items being unique to the shop.


I got to talking with Erin, the owner of the shop and she told me that they’ll ship goods anywhere as well as personalize items and even create gift sets – perfect for end-of-the-year teacher appreciation.

At 3, Lady M has now discovered a love of lip balm so I bought her a set from S.W. Basics, a Brooklyn-based organic line featuring only a few ingredients. Seemingly much safer than the old Lip Smackers!

There were many other things in the shop that I could see myself getting – I may have to go back to get this cute Westchester tote bag! They also come in other designs such as The Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard and Paris.

If you’re looking for a cool hostess gift, birthday present or a little something for yourself, stop into Domestic Dry Goods Co. and help support local businesses!

DIY Art Display

I’m not much of a DIY-er but I’d really like to be. So when I saw the blank wall in my kitchen screaming for something, I decided to give an incredibly easy project a whirl.

Now, this wall will one day (soon) be knocked down, so I didn’t mind experimenting with a small, fun project on it. I was flipping through a magazine this weekend as I waited for my massage (ahhhh) when I stumbled upon a cute display for kids crafts and other small paper items.

I thought, I can do that. So it was off to Michael’s to get some supplies. All I needed was some twine, push pins, decorative ribbon and colorful clothespins.

I just cut the twine and hung it on the wall and attached the two strands with gold ribbon. 

 Then I gathered up some pretty cards and Lady M’s latest masterpieces and voila! Instant art wall. And it’s so easy to change up whenever you want! 

What has inspired you lately?