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I know I’ve done a round-up like this before, but I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty items I just can’t live without! Taking good care of your skin is so important, especially in the winter, and many of these items are crucial for me and my dry, sensitive skin! So without further ado, here are just a few of my faves. Feel free to share yours too – I always love hearing about new beauty reccos!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

This has been a must-have of mine since college. I have very sensitive skin and the winter cold just makes it so dry. This lightweight, fragrance-free formulation is gentle enough for my skin yet powerful enough to quench it. I love this stuff!

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

Another college fav! I keep one in my bag, at home and always have an extra just in case. The balm is light, smooth and not at all sticky. It moisturizes and works great worn under gloss or just by itself.

The Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel
Let’s face it – sometimes we get bags under our eyes. This gel contains elderflower which helps cool the eye area as well as diminish the bags. Super helpful as a very busy, sleep-deprived mom!

Living Proof Prime Style Extender
I have incredibly thick, coarse hair and am always looking for that perfect smoothing cream. I think I may have found it. I use a small amount of this on damp hair before blowing straight and it makes my hair feel smooth, sleek and manageable.

Benefit Boiing 
A creamy concealer is key (see – undereye bags)! Sometimes there are dark circles to accompany the bags. This goes on with a quick swipe and hides all – no one has to know!

Smith and Cult Lip Gloss in Now Kith
My new go-to gloss! I love this rosy neutral that glides on easily and is the perfect glossy shade. 


Winter Skin Rescue

The weather is getting colder, which for me (and I’m sure a lot of you) means my skin is not happy. I have dry, sensitive skin, so finding the right products to help get me through the winter can be tough.  So when I find something I love, I figure, I might as well share it with others!  These are some of the products that help get me through the frigid months:

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturizer

This is an all-time favorite of mine. I’ve been using it since college and it really helps to lock in moisture.  I use it at night and in the morning – since now that it’s colder and the heat’s on, I’m waking up with very dry skin.  It also helps relieve red itchy patches that tend to pop up out of nowhere in this weather.  The vitamin E really soothes and it has a light, pleasant smell that reminds me of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Magic.

Kiehl’s Milk Honey & Almond Scrub

Of course you need to exfoliate but I find that a lot of the products on the market contain harsh ingredients that irritate my skin.  So when I found this scrub from Kiehl’s, I was sold.  The ingredients are all natural and gentle enough for very sensitive skin.  I use this 1-2 times per week in the shower and my skin is noticeably smoother and clearer after use.


This is a product I discovered about a year ago and you can find it at your local drugstore.  With the colder weather comes dry, chapped lips.  I’ve found that this balm really helps to soothe and repair them.  It can also be used all over the skin and I’ve found it to be helpful at soothing irritated noses during those annoying winter head colds.

Do you have any tried and true products that are your go-to items?  I’d love to hear about them!

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Sensational Skincare

Even though I’m a big fan of the cooler weather that’s coming our way, I really hate what it does to my skin!  My skin is sensitive to begin with but the harsh, dry, cold weather really wrecks havoc on it.   I need to moisturize constantly and these are some of the products I’ve found that help get me through:

Lips – Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

This is really the ultimate, classic lip balm.  It’s not heavy or sticky and I love to put it on under lip gloss.  I’ve been using this since college when I lived a mere 4 blocks from the original Kiehl’s on 3rd Avenue in NYC.  Now they have an SPF formulation as well which is great because I think we often forget to protect our lips from the sun.

Face – The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Another hold out from my college days, I’ve tried many others but keep coming back to this.  The vitamin E really helps with the redness and dry patches I tend to get in the winter.  It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and the scent reminds me of Baby Magic lotion from back when you were a little kid.

Body – Curel Nourishing Lotion

Again, I’ve tried all of the fun and fancy, expensive lotions out there but this one seems to actually do the trick the best for me.  It’s substantially thick enough but absorbs well into the skin and I can feel its effects even after wearing it overnight to bed.

Eyes – Kiehl’s Abyssine Eye Cream

I’m obsessed with keeping the skin around my eyes moisturized and hydrated.  I’ve been using eye cream since I was 18 and scared of getting crows feet!  I’ve hit on my favorite with another Kiehl’s find – Abyssine Eye Cream. Lightweight and easily absorbed, this eye cream has never stung or reddened my sensitive skin.

So there you have it – a taste of my nightly moisturizing rituals.  I try my best to wear an SPF moisturizer during the day but truthfully, I’m not always successful at that.

What are some of your go-to skincare products to get you through the colder weather?

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