Weekend Fun Part I

Wow – what a great weekend! A local library had a book sale this past Saturday and we got some really cool finds. As I’ve said, I really love books, especially older ones. It was a perfect early-Fall day and we leisurely perused the stalls of books both inside and outside the library. There were some fantastic treasures to be had:

My loot!

After the library, we made our way to Stew Leonard’s. There was a huge pumpkin patch in front, and some Halloween decor.

Although it’s a bit too early for me, it did start getting me into the Halloween spirit. And then – I found my pumpkin ice cream!

And it was so delicious. The flavor was light and creamy – not too heavily spiced or overly rich. So good!!

We found some more treats there and basically ate our way through the store due to the ridiculous amount of samples they offer you. Yum!

The day was topped off by a fun dinner with friends at Serafina.

via google.com

Part One of a fabulous weekend!
Also I’m linking up with Big City Belle today on her Fall in Love series so be sure to stop by!  http://bigcitybelle.blogspot.com/2011/09/fall-in-love-with-spice.html

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